Introducing Yogesh Viroja, M.D., M.B.A.

At Marquis Health Services, we are fortunate to have the esteemed Dr. Yogesh Viroja serve as our Corporate Medical Director. With an exemplary clinical trajectory in Geriatric Medicine and a commitment to providing patients with the highest level of rehabilitation services, Dr. Viroja is a natural fit for Marquis’ vast and all-encompassing Vision of Care in every center under our management.

As the Corporate Medical Director at Marquis Health Services, Dr. Viroja’s goal is to establish an unparalleled level of excellence at each Rehabilitation Center and Nursing Home consistent with the overall visionary management at Marquis.

Our foremost objective is to strategically improve care, attain a competitive advantage in today’s complex Healthcare industry that inevitably results in a better life for each one of our patients.

For the Short-Term Rehab patients, this unwavering passion leads to progressive recovery, provides aggressive state of the art rehabilitation combined with patient education in terms of disease, drugs to help them gain control and plan their future as it relates to their own health.

For the Long-Term patients, our steadfast commitment to provide excellent chronic disease management minimizes risk of acute illnesses, and assists the patient in every way possible, to live their lives to the fullest.

In Marquis’ trademark standard of excellence, our Palliative Care Services are focused on developing close ties and working with the patient’s loved ones, understanding that for Long-Term Residents, our Healthcare Center IS their home and thus we want to respect their every personal preference, so that they have “the very feeling of being in their own home” with the added value of being fully cared for.

You can expect to see Dr. Viroja’s accrued knowledge in Geriatrics along with his expertise in managing Healthcare to be reflected in Marquis’ growing number of Centers across Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New Jersey: Bringing our legacy of exceptional caregiving to a whole new level!