Westgate Hills Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center: Helping Cardiac Patients Get Well, Be Well and Stay Well

Westgate Hills Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center is proud to announce its specialized Cardiac Rehabilitation Program under the medical direction of Dr. Kabir Yousuf, Board Certified Cardiologist affiliated with St. Agnes Hospital.

A proud member of the Marquis family of Healthcare Centers, celebrated for their innovative Rebabbing Care™ approach, Westgate Hills (formerly known as Rock Glen) is centrally located in Baltimore City, and recognized for its strong emphasis on short-term rehabilitation and recovery.

Its novel Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is designed to assist individuals suffering from challenging or life threatening heart conditions, patients recovering from a cardiac event or surgical procedure, and those who are at risk for cardiovascular disease.

With a comforting family-oriented approach to caregiving, Westgate Hills optimizes the patient’s recovery with the use of progressive technology and evidence based rehabilitation techniques.

“A special and unique feature of our Cardiac Rehab Program”, indicates Dr. Kabir Yousuf, “is the availability of 24/7 Cardiac Telemetry monitoring that allows us to detect, closely observe and supervise the electrical activity of the heart for an extended time, thus helping us deliver a rapid diagnosis and treatment”.

This modern technology, optimally utilized at Westgate, “helps us work together to improve each patient’s overall cardiovascular health with personalized treatment plans designed by our multidisciplinary team with the each one of our patient’s medical and personal goals in mind” adds Dr. Yousuf.

Aside from the special diets tailored to the specific needs of each cardiac patient, the Registered Dietician at Westgate Hills plays an important role in educating individuals and providing them with the education and support necessary for them to reclaim their overall sense of wellbeing and return home confidently.

This, along with the post discharge assistance and the follow up by licensed medical leaders, gives the cardiac patients at Westgate Hills greater confidence to resume their prized daily routines.

For more information and to inquire about the specialized Cardiac Program at Westgate Hills please contact Heather Jackson at 410-646-2100.