Marquis Health Services Advances Bundled Payment Model

Marquis Health Services proudly announces it has joined Remedy Partners in the development and management of a bundled payment program for Medicare recipients. Webster Park Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, Briarwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center,New Eastwood Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center and Kearsley Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, four of the organization’s skilled nursing facilities are now active participants in Model 3 arrangements.

Norman Rokeach, CEO of Marquis Health Services, believes that participation in innovations like BPCI are critical to operating in the evolving healthcare arena, stating that “We are confident in our care coordination abilities and understanding of the likely future of bundled care. The expertise of Remedy Partners coupled with our existing internal management and processes position us well for operating in this new environment. We anticipate being successful with the program.

Promoted by the Affordable Care Act to help replace the traditional fee-for-service healthcare model, this model is intended to help meet the goals of improving outcomes in care, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing the overall cost of health care.
In bundled payment programs, a fixed price is paid for a wide range of health care services over a specified period of time. It is among the primary strategies being used to transition away from fee-for-service payments.

Since October 2013, Remedy has bundled payment programs that are live in more than 1,300 health care provider sites, including more than 800 hospitals.

Remedy’s technology, analytics, training and administrative platform support the implementation and management of bundled payment programs at hospitals, physician groups, skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies.

Nationally, less than 5% of the country’s 16,000 plus skilled nursing facilities are active model 3 BPCI participants.

In its distinctive proactive fashion, and as a foremost provider of subacute and rehabilitative care, Marquis Health Services will be participating in the bundle payment program.