MARQUIS Care Navigator™



MARQUIS Care Navigator™ is a dedicated member of the Marquis staff who serves as the patients’ main point of contact, helping them navigate the healthcare system as they transition through levels of care throughout the course of their rehabilitation.

This revolutionary patient-centered service begins at the patient’s hospital bedside, with the Care Navigator remaining as the main point of contact throughout the patient’s episode of care – including the first 4 weeks after the patient transitions back home.

This Program Is Designed To:

  • Provide greater continuity of care for the patient, to and from different care settings
  • Improve outcomes and key quality metrics
  • Enhance the patients’ overall care experience
  • Increase communication and follow through with the patients’ primary care provider
  • Promote patient participation in care planning and goal setting
  • Reduce medication errors
  • Reduce readmissions

A Care Navigator™

  • Is informed of the patient’s condition(s) and rehab goals, the care updates and the options for best quality of care.
  • Provides timely follow-up to patients as they return home.
  • Answers the patients’ calls at the first sign of post-discharge concerns.
  • Explains confusing policies and helps navigate the healthcare system.
  • Is responsible for maintaining the flow of vital communication among all clinicians involved in the patient’s care.
  • Keeps all the pieces of the patient’s healthcare puzzle updated, and available to all members of the clinical team as well as the patients and their families.
  • Is a responsive point of contact receiving, processing and directing feedback, questions and concerns from patients – from the initial contact at the hospital to the patients’ post-rehab discharge and the first 4 weeks after transitioning back home.