I CARE™: Infusing a Culture of Caring at Every Marquis Center

June 9, 2015. “Resident and Guest recognition of exemplary customer care and service delivery is important to us, after all our guests’ and residents’ perception of how we care and how service is delivered – is everything!”

That is how Norman Rokeach, LNHA and CEO at Marquis Health Services introduced the service excellence program that has been successfully set in motion, thus elevating the overall patient experience in each of its Centers.

I CARE™, Marquis’ innovative guest and patient services program is set to create an environment of exemplary customer service and establish an all-encompassing work culture of caring, with specific observable behaviors that show I CARE™ and that are recognized and rewarded.

Marquis’ I CARE™ Program means every member of our TEAM, in each one of our Centers, commits to create and sustain on a daily basis, comfortable, warm, and inviting environments, for both our recovery guests and long-term care patients. For this purpose, Marquis has developed Standards of Behavior that are reflected in specific attitudes and actions essential to providing quality services.

“We are widely recognized by our Rehabbing Care™ is who we are and what we do credo – exemplary care and service delivery is how we do it”, indicates Rokeach, adding that “at Marquis, service excellence does not just pertain to direct caregivers but involves everyone who works within our organization. It requires teamwork, collaboration and ownership from all.”

Through good days and bad, patients and guests depend on Marquis to be consistent in this approach. It is only through team commitment that our Marquis Centers can achieve customer service excellence that is organization wide.

I CARE™ means that as a team, we hold each other accountable for making the comfort of our patients and guests a top priority, which is easy to remember for all of our staff members, considering that I CARE™ stands for Improving Customer Service Awareness Rewards Everyone.