Heart Hero Megan from the University of Pennsylvania

In honor of American Heart Month, we know there are so many Heart Heroes in each of our centers and surrounding communities and this month we have been sharing those who we are fortunate to get to meet along the way.

Today, we would like you to meet Megan who is a Cardiac Social Worker at the University of Pennsylvania who works with patients on the Cardiac ICU floor and assist them with transitioning to step down and plans post-acute discharge.

She works closely with Cardiologists and physician extenders to assure their patients get the care they need following their hospitalization. Thank you, Megan, for being a #HeartHero and helping patients get back into being #CardiacStrong.

In photo below: Sara Kohn, Director of Physician & Hospital Relations for (Jewish Home), Megan K, Darya Morozov, Senior Network Liaison.