Busy, Dynamic and Back to Optimal Condition With Marquis’ Rehabbing Care™

With our unique concept of Rehabbing Care and a fresh perspective on rehabilitation and long-term care, Marquis Health Services introduces a whole new vision of care.

Parlaying a keen awareness that more and more of today’s rehab patients are younger individuals who are more mobile and dynamic, we create five-star rehab environments that are both invigorating and consumer-friendly, intent on restoring each individual to optimal condition.

Via superior quality of care and unparalleled customer service, we successfully transform facilities into modern, expansive rehabilitation and long-term care centers that utilize the most technologically advanced rehab equipment and provide the highest caliber of personalized subacute and nursing care.

Stepping into any of our Rehabilitation and Healthcare Centers, the first thing you notice is spacious, optimistic and well-lit settings, and the focused effort every single member of the team makes to deliver the best diagnostic and rehabilitative care in a plethora of specialized disciplines, with the singular goal of returning individuals, home as soon as possible.

In each one of our Centers, you can see the professional staff of caregivers providing nurturing round-the- clock care to long-term residents in an all-pervasive environment of respect, dignity and compassion. Our all-encompassing continuum of care includes a dedicated focus on every patient’s physical, social and emotional well-being which is evident as the staff welcomes and encourages family members to play an active role in the care of loved ones.

Our credo of Rehabbing Careis who we are and what we do, underlines each of our Centers’ unique identity as we infuse every aspect of the environment with our signature approach. Anticipating and responding to the needs of the community, and positively impacting the surrounding area, assures Marquis Health Services is a welcomed presence at all levels.

This personalized approach to healthcare, enables us to seamlessly integrate each individual’s emotional and spiritual make-up as a vital element in the recovery process. As a subsidiary of Tryko Partners, we leverage an expert management team comprised of dignitaries and religious officials poised to provide advice and counsel to the diverse spiritual needs germane to the demographics of each of the communities in which they operate.

With Centers in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, our Centers are widely recognized by these communities for implementing innovative programs that streamline the rehabilitation process. Effectively delivering optimal results in short-term rehabilitation, and meeting the long-term care needs of the community with a hands-on approach and top quality ratings, we are roundly acclaimed as a preeminent provider of healthcare in the Northeast.