Announcing Briarwood’s New Pulmonary Program

Marquis is excited to introduce a new Pulmonary Program at Briarwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center under the direction of  Dr. Yatish Patel. The program aims to provide specialized care and services to individuals with a variety of acute and chronic lung disorders.

This specialized program focuses on reducing pulmonary symptoms, promoting independence and quality of life, decreasing disability, and increasing one’s participation in physical and social activities.

In our signature warm and welcoming environment, the Rehab rooms are expressly designed to meet the specific needs of patients with pulmonary conditions and are equipped with in-wall high flow oxygen with a capacity of 15 liters and the ability to constantly provide oxygen or PRN if needed.

As a Board Certified Pulmonologist affiliated with Beth Israel Hosptial-Needham, Newton-Wellesley Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, Dr. Patel brings to Briarwood his years of experience and expertise in reducing pulmonary symptoms and providing specialized care to individuals with acute and chronic lung disorders. Dr. Patel will personally attend to our patients and work directly with our highly trained Rehab and Nursing staff to provide on-going education and guidance as to the proper care for each person’s individualized pulmonary needs.
To assist patients in better understanding and coping with their condition, Briarwood’s comprehensive program features Patient, Family and Caregiver Education, Training and Support. Other services include on-site Respiratory Therapy, Physical and Occupational Therapy as ordered, 24/7 Nurse Supervision and routine Physical Evalutions.