A New Lease on Life for the Pulmonary Patient

Recognized for its excellence in the treatment of acute and chronic lung disorders, the Pulmonary Program at Blueberry Hill Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center provides pulmonary compromised individuals with novel tools to stand up to their challenges, thus giving them a new lease on life.

Located in close proximity to Beverly Hospital in Massachusetts, Blueberry Hill’s specialized Pulmonary Program aims to reduce pulmonary symptoms, increase patient’s participation in physical and social activities, and promote the independence and quality of life they prize.

“Our main objective is to reduce the need for hospitalization and re-hospitalization”, says Dr. Alis Gabriel, recognized pulmonologist and leading specialist at Blueberry Hill, “assisting our patients in better understanding their conditions through treatment and education, and enabling them to enjoy a higher quality of life”.

Tracking common metrics with root cause analysis, minimizing the progression of debilitating symptoms and offering exercise, breathing retraining and dietary management, Blueberry Hill’s Pulmonary Program is a well-coordinated effort that provides patients with the highest level of clinical care and treats a variety of acute and chronic lung disorders including COPD, emphysema, tracheostomy.

“The results we achieve are a result of our well coordinated efforts and the ongoing communication we keep between all the parties involved in the patient’s recovery including hospital, practitioner, SNF, as well as home health and outpatient services”, adds Gabriel.

Providing seamless discharge planning and post-discharge follow-up visits by nurse practitioners, as well as continued personalized attention that includes informative discussions and a Specialized Support Group for patients with COPD, Blueberry Hill’s Pulmonary Program achieves excellence in patient care and lessens the possibilities of patient re-hospitalization.

For more information about Blueberry Hill’s specialized Pulmonary Program please contact Rick Augeri at 978-927-2020.